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Login Page Designer

Login Page Designer – Customize Admin Login

I wanted to edit the login page so that I could see my logo for the site and just have it looking a bit different from the default WordPress login screen. I decided to use Login Page Designer – Customize Admin Login plugin as it had been recently upgraded and it looked like I could do what I wanted with it.

Installation was easy, and then I proceded to change the options. There are five main tabs on the settings page:

  1. Display Settings
  2. Logo settings
  3. Form settings
  4. Button settings
  5. Textbox settings

Display are basic options and easy to follow if you need to change them, Background color is for the login page background and the link colors are for the lost your password or back to text links found under the bottom of the form. Logo settings are for the logo image file, height and width, and the title and link text boxes are for the actual popup on mouseover, rather than a text title under the logo as I thought it would be. Form settings are for the form colors and border. Button settings are for the login button only. Textbox settings are all for the colors and border of the two textboxes – Name and Password.

The only trouble I had was there is no live display of the login page as you make changes to it. I had to open a different browser and go to my login page and then refersh it when I wanted to view the changes I had made. But for a free plugin it does the job and after a few trial and error goes I worked out what the differnt tabs were for.

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