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Low fibre diet day three

Day three of low fibre diet Now I am nothing but clear liquids until after Mondays procedure, apple juice. water and black tea. Lunchtime and I am already pacing up and down in front of the refrigerator. Will just have to drink heaps of water and not watch any cooking shows on tv.

Low fibre diet

Day one of low fibre diet Today was day one of my low fibre diet, last day is Monday but four days is four days too much. The only thing I can eat that I do eat regularly is tofu. But I can eat ice cream and rice bubbles or cornflakes. Breakfast this morning was…

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Flying to Melbourne Wednesday and returning to Sydney on the following Tuesday

Melbourne holiday

Melbourne I am off to Melbourne tomorrow after work, flying out at 1510 Wednesday, returning to Sydney on Tuesday at 164o. Flying Jetstar flight JQ513, arriving Melbourne at 1645 and return flight JQ514 leaving Melbourne at 1515. have a seat booked and have checked in online so I can just go direct to the departure…

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Bootstrap and node.js

I downloaded bootstrap, the latest version, and then downloaded node.js, all according to this new kindle book I got last week. Following the directions. I installed node.js in its own folder and then I had to put some text in the command line, but I have no idea where this command line is supposed to…

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