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Daily Grind or What grinds my gears. My personal response to living in this world

Jetpack connection problem

xmlrpc.php file and Jetpack

Jetpack connection problem Originally I could not share¬†to Facebook via the Jetpack module Publicize, there was a connection problem. Following guidelines I disconnected the link to Facebook and then tried to make a connection again, but the button to “Add New” was no longer visible. Next step was to deactivate the Jetpack plugin, deactivate all…

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Flush DNS

Web Site down Yesterday, I could not access any of my web pages via the browser. I tried with Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Opera, but none of these could load any of my web pages. I opened up my version of Filezilla and all the files and folders were there, so I knew I hadn’t…

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The Imitation Game

@ Dendy cinema, newtown After suffering through 25 minutes of previews, advertisements and other assorted crap, the movie finally started, the advertised start for the the movie was at 1410, it didnt start until 1435. Through various flashbacks we learn about¬†Alan Turing, and his work on decoding the German Enigma machine, we all know now…

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