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Day 2

Circadian Rhythm Day 2 Day 2 started well, the alarm went off at 0700 am, it was the digital radio with ABCClassic playing. I stayed in bed thinking I have to get up, so in about 10 minutes I got out of bed and put the jug on to make my peppermint tea to start […]

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Day 1

Circadian Rhythm Correcting Tonight is day 1 of my new sleep pattern to correct my circadian rhythm.  To bed by 11pm and awake and out of bed at 7am to get the morning sunlight

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Computer Error

Today I started the computer up and got  this error message: Warning:  Main BIOS Checksum Error Retrieving recovery source from HPA I went into the bios setting and did a restore and now the computer is working well. Next time I will make a note of what iI did.

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