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Yesterday, I could not access any of my web pages via the browser. I tried with Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Opera, but none of these could load any of my web pages. I opened up my version of Filezilla and all the files and folders were there, so I knew I hadn’t lost any files. So then I tried to open my files on my tablet, still no viewable pages.

So bit the dust and went to my host company and started an online chat, the person suggested I flush my dns and then delete my cache. Well “flush my dns” never heard of that, so had to search and find the procedure for that.

Flushing your DNS

Open a command prompt and type in ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter, but I kept on getting an error message “the requested operation requires elevation”. The solution to this was to open the command prompt via the Start menu/All Programs/Accessories and then right click the Command Prompt and select Open as Administrator. Then I typed in ┬áipconfig/flushdns and that worked. Now I know how to flush dns when I need to.

Restarted the computer, opened a browser and tried to view my website, but still not available. So I had to start another online chat with my host, lucky they were fast, only took about 2 mins to connect to someone. This time I explained the problem and the solutions I had tried, he said to wait and then in less than a minute he said that my IP address had been blocked and he had just unblocked it. Reopened a browser and I could view my site and the other sites I have in other folders, so that fixed the problem.


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