Icon Heading Easy Bootstrap

Icon Heading

[iconheading type=”h1″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-asterisk” color=”#a4bf65″]Heading 1[/iconheading]

[iconheading type=”h2″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-remove” color=”#81a1ac”]Heading 2[/iconheading]

[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-camera” color=”#ee8413″]Heading 3[/iconheading]

[iconheading type=”h4″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-screenshot” color=”#363636″]Heading 4[/iconheading]

[iconheading type=”h5″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-globe” color=”#64799a”]Heading 5[/iconheading]

[iconheading type=”h6″ style=”glyphicon glyphicon-tower” color=”#234158″]Heading 6[/iconheading]

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