Here are a few simple steps to create menus in Joomla.
Step (1) − Click Menus → Menu Manager → Add New Menu.
Step (2) − After clicking on Add New Menu, the Menu Manager − Add Menu page will displayed. Here, we can add Menu Title (Name), Type and Description.
Menu Title(Name) − It should indicate the Title( Name ) of the menu.

Menu Type − The name of the menu type.

Description − Description about the menu.

Step (3) − After filling all the information about menu, click on Save button. It saves the menu bar you created.

Step (4) − We can also click on Save & Close button. It saves the menu bar and then closes the present screen. Finally, you get the following screen.

In this page, you can view the name of the menu you had created in previous step.

Step (5) − When we click on Save & New button, your menu is saved and it opens a new create menu screen.

Step (6) − Using Cancel button, cancels the create menu action.

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