Website Redesign

To Do List
Find picture of heterosexual couple (faces) for slider 1. Move/adjust text to work with picture.
Add slider of Dr Bill, ‘1 in 5 HIV diagnoses…’
Add slider ‘7 reasons to test’
Remove HIV testing and Living well slider
Add slider ‘PrEP’ – ‘the new daily pill to keep you HIV negative’
DBS slider – change to hand picture

website redesign

Website Redesign

Website Redesign
Time for a new update, the look is dated
Difficulty in adding or removing menu items in the horizontal menu bar
Code for child template is long and slows down load time
Fixed width of website leaves too much unused space on either side of content area
Not responsive for modern large screen sizes

Login Page Designer

Login Page Designer – Customize Admin Login I wanted to edit the login page so that I could see my logo for the site and just have it looking a bit different from the default WordPress login screen. I decided to use Login Page Designer – Customize Admin Login plugin as it had been recently upgraded…