I changed the theme yesterday to one from Thinkupthemes.com, called Consulting. As this site is on a WordPress Multisite Network,  the process I followed was a bit involved, but I managed to get there finally.

Theme installation

  • updated WordPress to the latest version (5.01)
  • this theme uses a page builder plugin so I had to download the latest version for that which is Gutenberg rea
  • exported a copy of the files, including all posts pages images etc
  • imported all the demo files from Thinkupthemes for the theme I was using
  • deleted the pages that were not required, mostly they were displaying the theme page layout options
  • deleted posts that were not mine
  • my original posts and pages were left so I didn’t have to import them


Customisation is done  via the Theme Options panel starting with
General Settings

  • Logo settings and favicon
  • Page layout
  • Sidebar layout
  • Responsive layout
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Google Analytics code


  • Homepage layout
  • Homepage slider
  • Call to Action Intro message
  • Call to Action Outro message

Homepage (featured)
this displays the Pre-Designed Homepage Layout  (not used )

Following that, there are options for

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • Contact Page (more on this later)
  • Typography
  • Custom Styling
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