To do list

Find picture of heterosexual couple (faces) for slider 1. Move/adjust text to work with picture.
Add slider of Dr Bill, ‘1 in 5 HIV diagnoses…’
Add slider ‘7 reasons to test’
Remove HIV testing and Living well slider
Add slider ‘PrEP’ – ‘the new daily pill to keep you HIV negative’
DBS slider – change to hand picture (ask Sonam). Text is dot points Free/confidential/Do it at home yourself. Early on.
Link pictures (Latest news, etc) to pages
Rewrite video headings to be like headlines. And change font to be like headline.
Add visibility video.
Add Dr Bill Kefalas video. They need text too.
Remove DBS/PrEP/Travelling Overseas
Remove dog segment
Resize Contact Us image to fit the form
Google Maps plug-in

News is all categories. Clickable with no drop down.
Testing Options moved to HIV Prevention drop down.
Remove Reports and Studies (posts are now merged into the News).
Remove ‘CATEGORY ARCHIVE’ from heading.
Reorder and reword HIV prevention drop down to: HIV: The basics, HIV Prevention (Susan writing), Testing Options, PrEP, Travelling Overseas.
Make all hyperlinks visible.
Living with HIV drop down order: Just diagnosed; Treatment; Living Well
Create Oral Health and HAND pages under Living Well
Move ‘what to expect’ to ‘just diagnosed’

‘Where can I go for support?’ change name to ‘Support Services’ and move to the bottom
HIV and Hep C move to dropdown in Living Well
Move Legal Issues content into Telling Others (remove Legal Issues page)
Create Resources page under ‘Connect’ dropdown. Move Pozhet resources to this page.
Health Professionals, Audio Visual moves to the new Resources page (under Connect)
Remove Discussion Topics page
Remove ‘Interesting articles’ page – needs review before moving to Resources page
Remove ‘Referrals and Information’
Move ‘Training and Resources’ to Resources page (under connect)
Move ‘Newsletter’ to Resources page (under connect)

Social connections – remove images, remove Pozhet message at bottom
Social media – move regular FB page and twitter to the top. Reword ‘Secret Facebook’ to not use word secret.
Remove instructions on how to use Twitter.
Remove computer course.
Move ‘Staying Safe Online’ to top of page.
Send us your stories – rename to ‘Your Stories’. Include actual stories and more emphasis.
Change title ‘Multicultural and Language Support’ – change to easier to read title, remove CALD.
About Us – no dropdown, all content merged into one page.
Headings standardised

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