• Time for a new update, the look is dated
  • Difficulty in adding or removing menu items in the horizontal menu bar
  • Code for child template is long and slows down load time
  • Fixed width of website leaves too much unused space on either side of content area
  • Not responsive for modern large screen sizes
  • Image slider is not wide enough for most banner images
  • Not enough sidebars on either side to add extra information
  • Above the fold area is wasted with a large header section
  • Content section is not wide enough

Proposed solution

The present site uses the CMS (Content Management System) of WordPress, one of the most popular CMS available, and is hosted by Bluehost one of the top three hosting companies for websites using WordPress

Recommended Strategy

  • Three templates are selected for a final selection of one to be installed
  • A new site using the new template is produced importing all the posts, categories and media from the existing site
  • a local server is used for implementation, testing and consultation
  • or the site is constructed using the available host, but using a multi-site installation
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