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Originally I could not share to Facebook via the Jetpack module Publicize, there was a connection problem. Following guidelines I disconnected the link to Facebook and then tried to make a connection again, but the button to “Add New” was no longer visible. Next step was to deactivate the Jetpack plugin, deactivate all other plugins, and then reactivate Jetpack. Still no button to add a connection to Facebook. Then deactivated  and deleted the Jetpack plugin, reinstalled it again and now I couldn’t  connect to to fuly install the plugin.

Contacted Jetpack support and within 30 mins a reply was received….

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Sorry for the trouble. It seems we’re having problems querying your site’s xmlrpc.php file, as you can see at http://………./xmlrpc.php?for=jetpack
That link should display `XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.` on a line by itself, but instead it looks like we’re being blocked by Mod_Security rules, probably put in place by your web host.
Could you try contacting them and letting them know about this to see if they can remove or update those rules for your site so that you’re able to connect Jetpack?

Contacting my host, I started an online chat with technical help, explained the problem and they duplicated the problem via my dashboard, so I was given a ticket to technical assistance. Within an hour I received an email saying the problem had been rectified. So now I am back to working on my site .css file.



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